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Make an Impact


When you sponsor a student, you help cover the costs of providing their essential needs. But more than providing monetary support, sponsoring a student is an opportunity to build a relationship with a student and provide mutual fellowship, encouragement, and hope. Students and sponsors are able to correspond with one another to share milestones and updates throughout the year.

Sponsorship Levels

You can choose one of four sponsorship levels. We encourage ongoing monthly sponsorships, although quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly donations are always welcome. You’ll have the option to customize your giving options in the donation portal.  


Education Sponsor: $50/month

This sponsorship covers the cost of a student’s academic needs including classroom education, school books, pencils, notebooks, and other critical school supplies.


Food, Shelter, and Clothing Sponsor: $50/month

This sponsorship ensures that children have the proper uniforms and athletic wear, mattresses, and bedding, and three meals a day.


All Available: $100/month

This sponsorship covers all of a child’s education, food, shelter, and clothing needs. This is our most needed sponsorship level as it covers the greatest number of needs.


One Time Donation

Your donation will help provide for the essential needs of our children.

Timothy Scholarship Fund
Once a student has graduated from GGCC, sponsors can continue to fund a student’s ongoing education. Your gifts will transition alumni to the workforce, trade school, university and seminary. Contact us for more information.

Communication Policy
We understand and encourage communication between sponsors and GGCC students. It is GGCC’s policy that there is to be no direct electronic/telephone communication, including but not limited to Facebook, texting, and phone calls to our GGCC students. This policy is to ensure safeguards and protections for both donors and students.

Gift Policy
We understand donors desire to support and encourage the children they sponsor and we are grateful for the love and support you provide. GGCC has adopted the following policy on gifts:

  • Gifts for individual graduates continuing their education at the university level can be made directly through our Timothy Scholarship Fund.
  • As a GGCC Child Sponsor, you agree to never directly send funds (Western Union, wire, etc.) to any student, their family, or their university. This is done for their protection and well being.

Building Hope and Connection

Support Our Greatest Needs

At GGCC, all of the children receive the same care and attention. We are so blessed to have sponsorships to cover the essential costs for many of our children. But there are many more children without sponsorships in our care. We rely on generous donations to ensure that we can provide a safe, happy and nurturing place to grow for all our students.

Where Most

Be part of God's faithfulness to the children of GGCC by putting your gifts in action to supply necessary resources.

Naphtaly Mattah Vision Fund

Naphtaly Mattah
Vision Fund

Created in memory of our founder Naphtaly Mattah to support and honor his vision for the unsponsored children.


Build and maintain a safe campus for God's children.

Lineberger Fund


Ensure the long-term sustainability of the ministry by addressing time sensitive needs through this board directed fund.