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Our Partners

We are thankful…

for all our partners and the various ways they support GGCC. Our mission is able to continue because of their generosity.

Corporate Partners

Church & Ministry Partners in the U.S.

Thank you to our church and ministry partners. With their support, we’re able to secure donations and child sponsorships, as well as make vital mission trips to the school.

Calvary Church (NC)

Christ Church Mandarin (FL)

Carmel Christian (NC)

Christ Church East (FL)

Gathering Church (NC)

Bensalem Church (NC)

Reformed Church of Corinth (MI)

Five Stones Church (NC)

Church Partners in Kenya

We are grateful for our local church partners in Kenya that provide essentials like food and firewood for cooking.

Alumni Association

We are blessed to have an active and supportive alumni association that continues to give back to the school. Recently, the alumni association raised $15,000 to support the school’s immediate needs. They also network and support each other, as they’re more than classmates– they’re brothers and sisters.

Interested in partnering with GGCC?