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GGCC student GGCC classroom GGCC Our Story Growing the next generation of Christian leaders in Kenya. Gethsemane Garden Christian Center Welcome to

Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre (GGCC) is a Christian boarding school in Kenya. GGCC was established following the HIV/AIDS crisis when our founders received God’s call to serve vulnerable and orphaned children. By offering love, nourishment, and a Christian education, we are growing faithful leaders who will carry His message throughout the world.

Giving Hope

Giving Hope

We’re teaching children about God’s unconditional love and that in Him they find delight and hope.

Sharing the Gospel

We’re growing God’s Kingdom in Kenya, sharing the Good News with future generations.

Empowering Leaders

Empowering Leaders

We’re empowering tomorrow’s Christian leaders to fulfill a greater purpose in their communities.

Ways to


There are many ways to serve as God’s hands and feet. Consider making an impact by sponsoring a child, making a donation, or learn how to give in other ways.


Sponsor A Child

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Featured Events

Mission Trips to GGCC

Mission trips are opportunities to show His love and to offer renewed hope and encouragement to Kenya’s future Christian leaders.

In Their Own Words

"I got to learn what the love of God is, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with a large family at GGCC. God saved me, gave me a bright future which I now see through education beyond core academics, holistic education."

Taquin Mugezi

"Through God's word at GGCC i changed from being arrogant to humble. The gift of salvation through God's grace has enabled me to spread his word to my peers."

Felix Ochieng Okinyi - Student 0735

"I had lost all hope but God through his word taught at GGCC and His Holy spirit, This far I have overcome all life challenges."

Jane Awino Joseph - Student 0630

"Through GGCC, God granted me his gift of salvation that has changed my story and restored hope in me. It is at GGCC that I realised my talent in singing that I worship God with."

Georgina Otieno Obwombe - Student 0613

"It is through Gethsemane that God transformed my life and I got saved. As I attended the Casem conference, I have learnt the importance of waiting upon the Lord and I purpose to serve Him."

Kephar Okinyi Ochieng - Student 0779

"The best thing that happened to me while at GGCC is recieving God's Gift of salvation which has brought peace, healing, hope and complete change in my life."

Finidi George Michael - Student 0648

"I came to know him more under the teachers and the pastors by that time now I can stand and say I know him As for me God changed my life such that I started looking my self as a child of God that his sins are already paid for."

Caleb Jephuneh - Student 0510

"In addition to the academic success, Christ became my personal saviour an awesome and amazing experience which for me has been the greatest transformation I ever got at GGCC."

Daniel Otieno Yogo - Student 0160

"While at GGCC, I came to understand what true salvation is, which helped me to realigne my spiritual walk. This up to date has shaped my characters as a true believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Opondo Hillary Wendo - Student #0334

"Having Lost my parents, I had lost hope. Joining GGCC restored all my hope through God's message that we was taught so passionately that I realized my life's true purpose."

Ken Oketch Ochieng - Student #344