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Our Story

Mfangano Island, located in Lake Victoria, Kenya, is a beautiful place full of lush forestry and coastal views.  Life is simple and most live without cars, electricity, or running water.

During the mid-1990s, Mfangano Island was devastated by the HIV virus, which infected almost 50% of the local population.  Many mothers and fathers died quickly of AIDS, leaving behind young, vulnerable, and scared children.  Without adults to care for them, these innocent children faced a lifetime of hopelessness.

Naphtaly Mattah and his wife Nerea, both locals on the island, looked into the face of these frightened orphans and knew they had to do something to save them.  Both Naphtaly and Nerea were disciples of Christ and felt called by God to care for these orphans.  They desired to create a boarding school that would provide shelter, clothing, food, medical care, and education. 

Most importantly, the school would teach these children about the Heavenly Father so they would know His love and never feel orphaned again!

Naphtaly and Nerea reached out to Bill and Debbie Lineberger in Charlotte, North Carolina, to share their vision.  When Bill and Debbie learned what was happening on Mfangano Island, they knew they had to do something to come alongside Naphtaly and Nerea and care for these children.  They formed a 501(c)(3) organization and a US Advisory Board that would support the local board in Kenya.

In 2003, GGCC opened its doors to the first 120 students in grades K-3.  There was only one school building used for classes, sleeping and eating, but there was an abundance of faith in God and His provision.  Today, GGCC serves around 700 children annually!  God has blessed GGCC with spacious dormitories, well-equipped classrooms, highly qualified teachers, and loving house parents.


Unfolding Plan

Through GGCC, God’s plan continues to unfold. Orphans and vulnerable children are given a life of hope and unconditional love. Graduates go into the world as teachers of the Gospel, carrying His message throughout Kenya as doctors, teachers, lawyers and through many other vocations. Christians from the U.S. and Kenya are joined in faith and fellowship, working together to support the school. Our story is ongoing as God’s loving hands continue to work in the lives of many across the world.


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